PDGA Sanctioned Leagues The Details

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PDGA Sanctioned Leagues The Details

Postby K-Mack » Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:11 pm

So lets get into some of the details, This is a forum where I will be answering your questions and concerns.

· Start of the leagues in March after daylight savings time. (March, 11, 2012)
· A league will run from a minimum of 6 to a maximum 12 week (Spring, Summer, Fall )
· Leagues will pay the PDGA a $25 sanctioning fee for each season and a $1 per player, per week fee. (With a 50/50 split of $1 fees between League & PDGA)
· All players will need to provide a first and last name. They also need to provide a PDGA number if applicable.

The 50/50 split is important to make sure the leagues get money to invest back into their leagues for course improvements, or it can be used for payouts, local charities, your club fundraising, etc. it's up to you. Once the machine is rolling the PDGA will give back a percentage of it's take in providing rewards for leagues (free memberships to give away, PDGAShop.com coupons, disc golf swag etc.)

· Format will initially be limited to singles and scratch scoring.
· Each week all divisions will play the same exact course layout.
· Each nights of the league will be scored like a 1 round tournament.
. PDGA will not determine entry fees or payout structures.
· Payouts will not be reported to or tracked by PDGA.

Each town has their unique action and the size of purse everyone agrees to play with so we are NOT going to meddle with what you want to charge for your local play. It can be free for all we care, and with that said you can payout any way you want also. We can suggest a buy in format, but it's up to what you and your players want to do.

· Discounted PDGA Memberships will be available for players signing up for the PDGA through their leagues with promo codes; each league will have its own unique promo code.

Discounted PDGA Memberships for league members will be available soon.

The big question of course is what about beer? This rule has not been officially passed yet so this is why it's in red, but I am presenting the case that the PDGA alcohol rule for leagues be relaxed.
Alcohol rules will be based on local park or city/state laws for consumption of alcohol in the park

Can you imagine being in a Bowling, Billards, or Softball league without having a pop or two. Right now I'm guessing there will probably be a waiver situation that you sign, and the players will be responsible for their own behavior or actions.

Feel free to respond on here with your questions and concerns and I will be happy to attempt to answer your question. There are still a few details in the works but most of the fine details are worked out.
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Re: PDGA Sanctioned Leagues The Details

Postby atl scott » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:01 am

I see many players playing by severely relaxed rules at leagues. I'm not sure if this matters or not, but when I play in a pdga sanctioned event that will affect my rating I prefer if everyone does.

Which brings me to my next thought: will the number of "league-only" 1000-rated players or higher rated players in general increase due to home field advantage?

Again doesn't really matter and keep up the interesting ideas.
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Re: PDGA Sanctioned Leagues The Details

Postby Bhuff » Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:53 pm

I see that we can sign up our leagues now...What would you suggest a small league sign up as, pro only? And just have ctp's as payout? I don't think we have enough in athens to have a big showing.
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Re: PDGA Sanctioned Leagues The Details

Postby jritger » Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:27 pm

Kevin -- question about how it works. Does layout need to be exactly the same each week? We want to sanction the Perkerson action, but the course isn't set yet as it's still being built / added to / tweaked. Can we still sanction it, or need to wait until we have a set layout?

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Re: PDGA Sanctioned Leagues The Details

Postby Ridesbrd » Wed May 02, 2012 11:30 am

How are the leagues going? Any feedback or suggestions? I am about to start our IDGC sanctioned league this Saturday!!!
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