Opportunity ???

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Opportunity ???

Postby Mike D » Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:01 pm

Anyone on the new board approached Cobb County concerning the property on Stilsboro road?

Only about 5 minutes from Oregon Park 100+ acres for passive recreation (disc golf is considered passive)

From Cobb County website...
Price Property – This 17.8 acre property adds to the County’s 100 plus acre Leone Hall Price property, much of which has been master planned for passive park use. The additional parcel has a mix of hardwood and pine trees, along with open field areas on high ground.
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Re: Opportunity ???

Postby Lewis » Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:11 pm

Not that I know of but it's worth keeping on the radar. Right now we're busy trying to pay off our loan from Innova for the new baskets we bought for the expansion at Oregon Park (unlike the City of Alpharetta or Gwinnett County, thus far Cobb County has only given land to use, not $ to spend on equipment). Also the county has already reserved land for disc golf at Pitner Road Park, which we can start working on once we have finished with the layout at Oregon Park and get the new baskets paid off. There are also a couple of other possible opportunities elsewhere in the county, as well as in the City of Marietta, that I've heard rumors about.

All this is to say it's definitely worth looking at, and once we (and the County) have the resources of people and money to pour into opportunities like this, there's no reason why we shouldn't make our case for it.

... which reminds me, the Cobb County vote on continuation of the SPLOST 1% Sales Tax is coming up in a few weeks. In recent years Cobb County P&R has gotten a valuable share of SPLOST money to use for things like park development and park maintenance. Cobb County residents please spread the word, go vote, and make your voice heard.
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