TN roadtrip to Flyboy

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TN roadtrip to Flyboy

Postby arrdee33 » Mon May 23, 2011 9:42 am

This is a copy and paste from a forum up here in TN, a few locals from up here had a great time on your course...thought I would share:27 holes par 95

Ed Burde 90
Craig Buchanan 94
Stephen Brown 94
Scott McNair 95
Jeff Jordan 98
Lydon Bergin 107

First of all, the hospitality was everything. Wayne, Lil, and Kelly are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Their facility is unreal. We stayed in a million dollar hanger/bunkhouse with custom everything. Every piece of furniture or stuff hanging on the wall is from a plane. The seats around the pool table were from airplanes, one looked like an ejector seat from a fighter jet. The beds felt like the big fluffy ones at a Hampton Inn. Breakfast was great, nobody left hungry. I’ve stayed in fleabag hotels for more than the $65 they asked from us.

Breakfast was at 8:30. We started warming up around 9 and teed off at 10:00. We played in a 6'em without a course pro so we could all be together. Our round took just under 6 hours to play in 90 degree heat. You absolutely cannot bring enough to drink with you. I took 2 large bottles with me, and still ran out after 25 holes or so. We were exhausted. Our minds and bodies were pushed to the limit, but at the end of it all, we had these stupid smiles plastered all over our faces. The running joke of the day was that if the rapture had happened at 6:00pm, we wouldn't have even notice because we were already in discgolf heaven.

There are more signature holes at this place than I could count. Holes #2 and #3 are the best pair of back to back holes I've ever played. Every hole over 400' was a challenge, but there were 4 or 5 shorter holes to allow those of us without big arms to have some ace runs too. The 1080’ hole through the woods is completely fair, and I ended up getting my picture taken as the only one that landed in “The Bunker”. I finished up with 6 2's and 5 OB's on my round. 2 discs lost in the water, 2 landed in roads, and I missed the uphill triple mando. This course kicked our butts, but I was really proud of how we all hung in there. The thing is, over 27 holes and almost 13,000' of discgolf, everybody is going to have bad holes. Flyboy gives you the chance to pull the nose back up and save your round even after taking that disastrous 7 or 8.

The magnitude of this course is really in how beautiful the land is. The property is huge. I have no idea how Kelly keeps it all together so well, but the entire course was beautifully manicured (takes 4 days to mow!). With water coming into play on so many holes you would enjoy just walking around the property. The fact that he shaped the best discgolf course in the world into that piece of land is really just a bonus.

Best I’ve ever seen, or probably ever will see.
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