Club and course moving forward

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Club and course moving forward

Postby Corndawg13 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:58 am

The FCDGC is back and we are now accepting memberships. The fee is $15 a year and will get you into the club with a member number. If you would like to join, just simply write me here, on Facebook or email me at I have a paypal account or you can come to doubles and sign up for the club that way.

This will also allow you to have a voice and a vote for changes to the course or club in the future. You will be able to run for a board position after the first year of membership. For now I am going to create the board and figure out different position titles after talking with a few different people to see what they are willing to do for the club and what position they accept. I want this to run smoothly the first year with a solid board so we can approach the Parks and Rec department as a well represented club. I assume to be the President unless anyone objects or believes someone else would be a better fit. If you know me, you know I don't really have an ego and this is not a power trip. This is a love of FoCo, Central Park and disc golf in general.

The club progression will go slowly, but after meeting with the P&R the week after the Gwinnett County Open, I will have a lot more to say and a better idea of a direction going forward. Initially I can say that CP is a great course and I would like to get the course fund higher. Currently it sits at $300, we need more through memberships here, donations and fundraising in the future. I want to establish tournaments out at CP, member events, work days and official meetings. I would also like to set up a website. Be patient with me though, these things will take time and I do not live 5 minutes from the course anymore. I actually live in Suwanee and work in Alpharetta.
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