Weekly League at Myrtle Ridge!

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Weekly League at Myrtle Ridge!

Postby kevinmzane » Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:04 am

Before any of you scoff at the idea of a league at Myrtle Ridge, how long has it been since you played it? I know that it still isn't the best course in the world/state/area, but many of us have been putting a lot of work into the course lately. It is a complete 18 holes, with several of the alternates already installed and the rest just waiting for their space to be cleared. The fairways are MUCH better defined, a great deal of the thorns have been removed and most* of the roots have been removed from the teepads. There are many plans in place for the course, many to come and it is getting better all the time. It may never be a big arm, bomber course and the rough here will be pretty unforgiving for quite some time but I am absolutely dedicated to improving my new "home course".
I moved here about a month and a half ago from an area where every town had a league and any night of the week you could find one nearby to play. Well, that hasn't EVER been the case here, so I started organizing a club about a month ago. In just a month, we are up to 20 players and growing. It turns out that there was/is a lot of interest for a league here and either nobody had the time or was willing to put forth the effort to make it happen so I stepped up and it has been going well so far.
League events are every Tuesday at 5:30 pm and there is currently no buy in. We have been alternating singles and random dubs depending on the turnout.... We are taking this one step at a time and working toward hopefully building a better disc golf "community" in Milledgeville. Hopefully some of you passing through town or nearby can make it sometime and lend us a little support (even if it's just another body on the course).

Also, who do I contact about adding Myrtle Ridge to the courses on here?

Thanks, Kevin
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Re: Weekly League at Myrtle Ridge!

Postby keith johnson » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:54 pm

kevinmzane wrote:

Also, who do I contact about adding Myrtle Ridge to the courses on here?

Thanks, Kevin

Send a PM to the webmaster Jon Plotky (jonp on here) with all the info such as you see in all the other courses displayed in the Directions, Scorecard, Map, GPS, Pictures, etc....
threads and he can set it up.

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