Monty Dubs X Probable Layout, ctp's, and hole distances

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Monty Dubs X Probable Layout, ctp's, and hole distances

Postby luke » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:39 pm

This is as of yet unofficial but it gives you a good idea of what I want to do. The layout will include many of the shortest pins/pads, combined with a 19th hole that will be the longest hole ever played at the Monty (unofficially close to 1000 feet). In the second round, the last three holes will change, and there will only be 18.

Round 1

Hole 1 Long pin------295'/par3/ctp both rounds
Hole 2 short pin------ /par3/ctp both rounds
Hole 3 short pad-----195'/par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 4 only pad---203'/par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 5 short pad----- /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 6 only pad---- 400'/par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 7 short pad------- /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 8 short pad------ /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 9 only pad------- /par 3/ctp/both rounds
hole 10 short pad----- /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 11 short pin------ /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 12 short pad------ /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 13 only pad------- /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 14 only pad------- /par3/ctp/both rounds
hole 15 only pad------- /par3/double ctpctp/both rounds
hole 16 short temp---- /par 3/LP/both rounds
hole 17 Long pin------ /par 4/LP/first round only
hole 18/cross road...385/par3/ctp/first round only
hole 19
super long pin-------- /par5/LP/first round only

Round 2

Hole 1-hole 16 are the same.
Hole 17 short pin...222'/par3/ctp/second round only
hole 18 Trailer hole 185'/par3/double ctp, sctp (second closest to pin)/second round only

ACTIONSo, if you get in on all the ctp/long putt action, it's 25 bucks.
#15 ctp is worth double.
#18 second round ctp is worth double, and there is also a second-closest-to-the-pin on that hole (the trailer hole).
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