Monty Dubs X Layout considerations--your input please!

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Monty Dubs X Layout considerations--your input please!

Postby luke » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:20 pm

Round 1
19 holes, working in open 17 and open 18, but extending 18 to the open 14 pin (a probable par 5). TO DO THIS, WE MIGHT NEED TO START AT 9:45

Round 2
18 holes. 1-16 are the same as 1st round, then 17 short and 18 trailer hole.

I'd like to make the total $$ on ctps/LPs to be 25. That would mean 1-16 for both rounds, and 17 long, 18, and 19 would be for the first round, and 17 short and 18 trailer would be for the second round. Double $$ ctp's would be 4, 18 trailer (1 round), 15. There will be a second-closest-to-the-pin awarded on a hole, though I haven't decided which.

7, 10, 11, 16, both rounds (If I move 10's teepad, then it'll probably be a ctp

17 long, 19 longlong first round

Also, I'm considering "prizes" for the farthest traveled to get to the tournament and worst shot observed by at least 3 people. I have a few other ideas brewing as well.
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