Directions, Scorecard, Map, GPS, Video, etc....

Cherokee County - Canton, GA

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Directions, Scorecard, Map, GPS, Video, etc....

Postby Jay » Wed May 28, 2008 3:33 pm

Cherokee County:

Address: 7000 Vaughn Rd, Canton, Ga 30115

GPS: lat: 34.1581993103 long: -84.4166030884

Plan Route to the Course: ... canton+ga/

Scorecard: (watch for update): ... recard.pdf

Map of course (watch for update): ... arkMap.bmp

Map from Shoe:

Pictures Holes 1-18: Pictures taken :) time to edit

Hi-Def Video: Holes 1-18: Video recorded :lol: Time to edit

PDGA Course Description:

Disc Golf Review:
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