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2009 ADGO Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Postby Woodrow » Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:03 pm

Atlanta Disc Golf Association (ADGO)
Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2009

In attendance: Keith Johnson, Jay Voss, John Ritger, Woody Blackwell, Jason Makarovich, Barry Arnson
Guest: Jon Plotky(Web Master)

November 19, 2008 Minutes previously accepted on-line. No further amendments.

A) New Officers
- The BOD recognized new officers Barry Arnson as the Communications Director, Donnie Reece as the Membership Director and Jason Makarovich as the Course Liaison Director.
B) Website
- Jon Plotky is the new Web Master with assistance from Wes Matthews.
- Barry Arnson will contact David Centofanti who has expressed an interest in assisting with Web Master duties.
- Jon will add a link to local course photos on the ADGO Home Page.
- The BOD contact information on line will be updated.
C) Bag-Tag Challenge
- David Walls will continue to run the Bag-tag challenge for 2009.
- The ADGO paid $238 for 100 tags, 50% of sales will go to payout, 50% will go to the ADGO.
- Profit from the 2008 challenge was $90.
D) ADGO Identification Tags
- Jay ordered 50 new tags, still waiting on last order of personalized tags.
- John Ritger will supply Jay with a current membership list for tag assignments.
- Current membership now stands at 262 including 13 new since last event.
E) Adopt-a-hole Program
- Program has been completed and introduced to Roswell Parks via Jason Bradshaw but with no response to date.
F) BOD Meetings
- Email coordination seems to work as planned, Keith will follow up by phone.
G) PDGA/ADGO Membership Renewals
- Still only 20% of ADGO members are using the PDGA Affiliate Club Program for renewals.
- The ADGO received $100 credit from the PDGA store for most improved membership renewals. Credit will be used to purchase PDGA rule books for distribution as prizes at ADGO events.
H) ADGO Discs
- New ADGO discs have arrived. 30 Rocs and 20 Aviars.
- Shirts will no longer be offered for membership registration.

A) Treasurer Report
- Current balance is $655.97.
- $313 was paid for 50 Atlanta Open CFRs, Expecting $190 profit.
- $238 was paid for 100 Bag-Tag Challenge discs.
- Budget Report is in progress.
B) Website
- Barry will check exit links for traffic and survey other sites and vendors for typical ad rates.
- Jon Plotky will be given Administrator status.
- Imran will be removed as Moderator except for ERP and RDGC forums.
- The word censor function will be terminated. Woody will compose an announcement.
- Barry will provide Moderators with procedures.
- Woody will clean up the Announcements forum and compose a global post of Board Policy.
C) ADGO Spring Event
- April 19th has been selected as the date for the ADGO Spring Event.
- White Oak or Redan will be the location.
- Ritger will talk to Kelley Legett about using his course.

A) ADGO Swag
- Keith will investigate and report prices for different types of mini-discs.
- Jay will investigate and report prices for bumper stickers.

MOTION to Adjourn by Woody, 2nd by Keith.
PASSED by majority vote
Adjournment at 9:37PM
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Re: ADGO Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Postby Woodrow » Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:01 pm

Atlanta Disc Golf Association (ADGO)
Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2009

In attendance: Keith Johnson, Barry Arnson, John Ritger, Chris Quarles

March 12, 2009 meeting minutes approved online. No further amendments.

A) Treasurer Report
- $1015.18 in account after payouts for ADGO Summer Event expenses and to Innova for Atlanta Open fundraising discs.
- Remaining debt is $105 for the website host.
B) Website
- Barry reported that it is not possible to assess clicks out to sponsor sites from the ADGO home page.
- Jon Plotky was given Administrator status on the message board.
- Imran was removed as Global Moderator but remains Moderator for ERP and RDGC forums.
- The word censor function has been terminated. Woody posted an announcement on the forum.
- Barry will provide all Moderators with procedures and add Mike Dammes as Moderator for White Oak forum.
- Woody has cleaned up the Announcements forum and composed a global post of Board Policy.
C) ADGO Spring Event
- April 19th was the date for the ADGO Spring Event.
- There were 9 renewal or new members.
- Ritger has talked to Kelley Legette about using his course and asked for Nov 9th or Nov 22nd as possible dates for the ADGO Winter Event.
D) ADGO Swag
- Keith outlined prices for different types of mini-discs with ADGO logo.

Motion by John Ritger, 2nd by Barry.
Purchase 50 ADGO CFR logo discs with a new design by Andrew Lofstrand with a Sept 4th deadline to place order for delivery in time for the Winter Event.
Passed by majority vote.

A) Vacant BOD Position
- Chris Quarles was welcomed as the new VP taking over for a retiring Jay Voss.

Motion by Keith, 2nd by Quarles.
To place online in the BOD thread (for the entire BOD to vote on) a proposal to consolidate the Membership Director and the Treasurer position and have the BOD be only 7 positions. Note: the membership funds and information have both been managed for the most part by the Treasurer with no issues since reforming the ADGO .
Passed by majority vote.

B) ADGO Winter Event
- to be held in November, depending on Kelly for the date, with more information to be posted to the entire membership as soon as finalized.
C) 2010 Budget
- the "bucket" strategy from 2009 will continue.
- timely budget reports will be posted in the BOD forum.
D) 2009 Progress
- the ADGO provided assistance in working with Gwinett County on installing and improving disc golf venues, as well as continued assistance to outlying area courses with support, informational help, and labor to improve area courses.

A) 2010 Election Cycle
- nominations will be open on November 1, 2009 and conclude November 24, 2009.
- voting will take place between December 1, 2009 and December 20, 2009.
- elected officers will start on January 1, 2010
- The four positions up for election are:
President - Keith Johnson incumbent
Secretary - Woody Blackwell incumbent
Course Liaison - Jason Makarovich incumbent
Events Director - Paul LaPerre incumbent
B) BOD Meeting Schedule
- future dates for the BOD meeting will be in NOV'09, FEB'10, MAY'10, AUGUST'10, NOV'10 with full membership meetings to follow the months of the BOD meetings.
- all meetings will be held on Thursdays at ERP at 6:30 during EST and after Thursday doubles during DST.

Motion to Adjourn by Keith, 2nd by Quarles.
Passed by majority vote.
Adjournment at 9:32 PM
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