2009 Voting Results Are In !!!

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2009 Voting Results Are In !!!

Postby Woodrow » Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:35 pm

No surprises here.....

    Keith Johnson 32
    Abstain 4

    Woody Blackwell 33
    Abstain 2

Course Liaison Director
    Gerrit Van Vranken 35
    Abstain 0

Events Director
    Jason Bradshaw 34
    Abstain 0

Amendment I
This article of amendment shall consolidate the positions of Treasurer and of Membership/Public Relations Director along with the responsibilities of each as established by Article 6 to that of Treasurer/Membership Director and shall modify Article 5 of The Constitution to read as follows:

The management of the affairs of the club shall be vested in the ADGO Board of Directors (BOD) which shall consist of:

• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer/Membership Director
• Communications Director
• Events Director
• Course Liaison Director

Explanation: Combining the Treasurer and Membership/Public Relations Director in to one position of Treasurer/Membership Director will ease accounting and coordination of membership dues and keep records of each in a consolidated form. The BOD has found that having each separate made accounting of each unnecessarily complicated. This also establishes the BOD as an odd number of positions and will minimize ties in voting on ADGO business.
    YES 28
    NO 0

Amendment II
This article of amendment shall modify the requirement that there be a majority of at least 5 BOD members be present to have a quorum in order to conduct official ADGO business to instead require only a simple majority of BOD members be present or represented and shall modify Article 5 of The Constitution to read as follows:

In order to conduct official ADGO business, there shall be established a quorum of the majority of BOD members present or represented.

Explanation: Defining a quorum as a simple majority instead of five, allows the BOD to conduct business regardless of the number of BOD positions actually occupied and the addition of "or represented" allows for remote meetings on the internet or by conference call.
    YES 28
    NO 1
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