Time running out for Nominees for the ADGO BOD

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Time running out for Nominees for the ADGO BOD

Postby keith johnson » Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:05 am

Just a reminder that nominations end on NOV 24th for the 4 positions up for election.
If you have any interest in being a nominee and continuing the growth of the ADGO and Disc Golf in the area please let us know.

Positions and any nominees in RED with postion description listed.

Vice President - NO NOMINEE The Vice-President shall assist the club president and will take on the responsibilities of the president in the event of his/her absence. The vice-president shall be responsible for coordinating with the various club committees and for giving a report on the progress or status of these committees at the club meetings.

Membership Director - Donnie Reece. Membership Director shall be responsible for all ADGO membership issues, motivate members to get involved in order to breed leaders, and work with local Tournament Directors (TD’s) to resolve any PDGA membership issues prior to a tournament.

Treasurer - John Ritger (incumbent) . Treasurer shall receive, deposit, and make authorized disbursements in the name of the ADGO for all club money.
The Treasurer shall maintain a simple yet thorough system of accounting and provide financial updates at least monthly and at all BOD meetings and at each annual meeting (January).

Communications Director - Barry Arnson - The Communications Director shall assign a Webmaster (WM) and Assistant Webmaster (AWM) responsible for website currency, growth, and all duties related to website management. All website information, changes, and ideas will be submitted to the WM & AWM by the Communications Director.
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